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She attached a picture to her email with this additional message: I bought your book for Mariners Compass and love it. I wrote back and asked her for more of the story and here it is: Sure enough, while the guys were watching football the 3 of us quilting girlfriends worked step by step through your directions. It was probably more fun than it should have been, but felt kind of magical to trust the process. I went home and started making pillows for a February retreat. Usually 4 nights—we eat, laugh, cry, hike, and worship together during a retreat of our own making. Just email me at. November 26, , Travel Quilt Artist Extraordinaire! Would you believe the person who made this stunning quilt is visually impaired?

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The seven hundred or so inhabitants of this small, rural community are mostly descendants of slaves, and for generations they worked the fields belonging to the local Pettway plantation. Quiltmakers there have produced countless patchwork masterpieces beginning as far back as the mid-nineteenth century, with the oldest existing examples dating from the s. Enlivened by a visual imagination that extends the expressive boundaries of the quilt genre, these astounding creations constitute a crucial chapter in the history of African American art.

Since the crazy quilts were part of the first quilts donated to MRHC, more often than not, we have no information on dating or the maker’s or donor’s names.

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Aug 02,  · Since a quilt can only be as old as its newest fabric, the comparable examples are especially helpful for quilt dating. Two other books used frequently in quilt dating and documentation are the “Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns” and “Encyclopedia of Appliqué” by Barbara Brackman.

Embellishing[ edit ] Crazy quilts differ from “regular” quilts in other ways as well. Because the careful geometric design of a quilt block is much less important in crazy quilts, the quilters are able to employ much smaller and more irregularly shaped pieces of fabric. In comparison to standard quilts, crazy quilts are far more likely to use exotic pieces of fabric, such as velvet , satin , tulle , or silk , and embellishments such as buttons , lace , ribbons , beads , or embroidery.

Crazy quilting as a textile art is extremely creative and free-flowing by nature, and crazy quilters will often learn as much about specific embellishments as they will about crazy quilting itself. Crazy quilts are extremely labor-intensive. A Harper’s Bazaar article from estimated that a full-size crazy quilt could take 1, hours to complete. American audiences were drawn to the satin stitches used in English embroidery, which created a painterly surface, which is reflected in many Crazy Quilts.

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Thursday, January 24, Crazy Quilts and Redwork Embroidery In America, Redwork embroidering grew out of or along with the Crazy quilt fad in the last decade of the 19th century. Women had not been making quilts as often as they had in former decades, in part because of the loss or injury of so many men who fought in the Civil War. Now many women had to earn money to support their family or run their farm or ranch.

If they sewed, they did so out of necessity or for pay and usually it was sewing and repairing clothing.

Sep 02,  · The Dating Game: Quilts and Color One way to understand American quilt history is to understand color. There was always color in quiltmaking, but the fabrics and colors evolved. and dyes included metals which corroded and caused significant fabric deterioration. That is why Victorian crazy quilts often have shredded silks in poor.

Crazy Quilts are America’s earliest quilt style. Crazies are only made from fancy fabrics, like silks and satins. If you agreed with either of these statements, you’re not alone. Many people have all sorts of misconceptions about the Crazy Quilt style, its age, and its origins. Let’s explore this colorful but often-misunderstood style a little more. How old are Crazy Quilts? We don’t really know.

Camille Cognac, a national expert on Crazy Quilts, including their restoration, has pointed out that the European harlequin – that multi-patched jester with bells on his pointed hat – wears a costume very similar to a Crazy Quilt. According to Cognac, textiles with a crazy-patched look have also been documented in Egyptian tombs. Quilting-book authors earlier in this century, including Marie Webster and Averil Colby, asserted that Crazy Quilts were the American Colonies’ first quilts, by necessity.

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To those of us who experienced the 60s and 70s it hardly seems like those years would qualify as history. Surely we can’t be that old! The Second Half of the Twentieth Century as History But as we are swept into the 21st century the years from to have become a significant period of our history.

Quilt History is the site you should turn to first for information on our quilting heritage. The List discusses antique quilts, methods and fabrics used and the life and times of the women who made them. Dating quilts – a brief overview. by Kris Driessen, Hickory Hill Antique Quilts Crazy quilts became a fad. These were quilts made of.

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I met Allie years ago through our mutual love of crazy quilting. I have always been taken with Allie’s fearless use of color and her beautiful embroidered landscape quilts. Landscape quilts are so unique and no one does them better than Allie! When I invited her to be a guest here on my blog, I asked if she would discuss her process. Portraits of Place in Crazy Quilts My dear friend Pam has invited me to guest blog today on the subject of creating “place portraits”, created by embroidering over photo-transfered imagery, in crazy quilting.

I’ve enjoyed stitching these for the past several years and am glad to share my experience.

Foolproof Crazy-Quilt Projects: 10 Projects, Seam-by-Seam Stitch Embrace the versatility of crazy quilting with quick-to-sew projects! The author of best-selling Foolproof Crazy Quilting shares 10small, useful items from a tablet purse to summer slippers, each with full-size : $

By BrannanS My husband has a denim quilt that his mom made him when he was just a kid. It obviously meant a lot to him, so I wanted to do something similar for our kids. It really was as easy as it looked — but it was also much harder. If it is made of fabric, it can be re-made once it has served its purpose. Once word got out that I was making something from old jeans, I was given quite a bit more to work with, too.

To make the squares, I basically made an arbitrary sized square to start with, then used it as a template. The backing on each was a queen-sized, flat flannel sheet, also thrifted or given to me. For the size squares I used, it worked out to 12 squares x 12 squares. From one pair of jeans, I could get roughly squares, depending on whether I used the pockets. The pattern I used was simple: Sew light and dark squares together in pairs, Sew two pairs together into a larger square made of four. The topper was actually fun.

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Deeply engaged in a bloody Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln did not hesitate when Congress presented him with legislation that could energize a weary nation. When he signed the Homestead Act of , President Lincoln sent a clear message that he believed the Union could and would endure, and that it would prosper. As a result, million acres of land, owned by the Federal Government, in 30 states, was offered for homesteading, thus creating the Westward Movement, one of the largest migrations of people in our nation’s history.

How to Date the Quilt? July 30, Antiques, treasure for sale or maybe even in your own attic. However, unless there is a direct connection to the maker, the dating of quilts is not precise science. It is more like a mixture of detective work and educated guessing. for crazy patchwork quilts. Fabrics.

We meet at 9: We have classes and trips, a yearly raffle quilt to benefit charity and we do a show every three years. Visit our website for information. Gone-to-Pieces Quilt Guild of Alpena has over members. Our general meeting is held the 1st Thursday 6: We are a very active guild, each year we complete a raffle quilt to benefit the homeless, over 25 baby quilts are donated yearly and we participate in various other community activities.

We have classes, lectures, bees and yearly camps. We meet at 7: Annual quilt raffle to support our charity. Our workdays are the 2nd Wednesday each month. Meetings and work days are held at Bayview Calicos in AuGres. We work on charitable projects for the young and the elderly of Arenac and surrounding Counties. Call Or mail to: Meetings include a business program, show and tell, door prizes, a speaker or a quilt related activity.

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