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When EXO gets a new female manager and Xiumin develops a crush: When he stays home to take care of a sick you: Going food shopping with Junmyeon: When Yixing tries to show off to his wife and son but things end up being bad for him: Daddy Yixing can get you so worked up sometimes: When a spill sets off an argument:

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When he made an Instagram account, he commented, “How can I delete the account? He acted like he was trying to delete his Instagram. Krystal called and asked me to explain the room service with an English accent. I thought, “who is this girl speaking with an English accent? Krystal had just taken a shower and she was in a gown.

They stayed for 2 nights.

Eits… tapi jangan kaget dulu. Dalam sesi pemotretan yang baru dilakukan keduanya, terlihat Sehun EXO dan juga Irene Red Velvet yang begitu romantis berdua smabil memakan gulali yang dipegang keduanya. Terlebih konsep yang diusung untuk keduanya saat itu adalah kencan. Tentu hal ini membuat para penggemar histeris dan galau. Kedua artis yang berdaa dalam satu agensi SM Entertainment ini terlihat mesra duduk diatas meja.

Sehun EXO maupun Irene Red Velvet terlihat saling memegang gulali berwarna merah muda yang dipegang di kedua tangannya.


BY Chin D Jul 29, Will’s Young Street,” and Yura’s on-screen marriage with model-turned-actor Hong Jong Hyun became a hot topic during the program. Will opened the topic by asking, “Do you enjoy the married life? I graduated from a co-ed high school, and my personality is different from girls who graduated from an all-girls high school. At a co-ed, it’s only natural to find boys around you, but it’s different from those who graduated from an all-girls.

Bruno Mars Fashion Style: Yuri and Seohyun Facts About D. Kai would hide D. When he goes to sleep he only wears a T-shirt and his underwear He was a kid ulzzang His parents were very supportive of him becoming a singer He says that he inherited his artistic side from his father because his father owns an art business If the EXO dorms are messy, D. O and the other members are alone, he tells a lot of jokes He is being considered for many dramas and movie roles In and , D.

Thus, he wears contact lenses D. Baekhyun His shoe size is korean size According to EXO-K members except Chanyeol, the member who has not changed in 3 years since their debut is D.

EXO’s Sehun Receives Thanks After Sending Signed Album To Miranda Kerr

Thank you, you’re my daily inspiration Jorge writes: Unique pedagogic videos and lessons for my students at low and high levels. Sincere thanking creators and designers for good work. This chanel is awesome and extremely helpful. Very cool and useful for new learners.

BY P Tuason Aug 22, For starters, the model from New York signed-up to be featured in a reality dating show where contestants are required to wear nothing on their dates. That is quite a risk as it is, but Nizewitz reportedly trusted VH1, afterall constant reassurance was given that her private parts will be censored on national television. That trust was broken when the episode featuring her naked date aired on July 31, and as she feared one particular scene exposed her uncensored crotch for everyone to see.

No official statement has been issued from the parties mentioned. The scene that reportedly showed Nizewitz’s uncensored crotch featured her and her date on the beach playing football.

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Dating rumors of EXO D. Former EXO member Luhan just recently debuted in China and already released his first album grant tinker relationships dating plus two music videos. Some of the comments below asked about their Instagram posts which being identical to each other. Most korean male idols smoke, including exo, so if your bias gets called out for smoking, dont be surprised. Their posts also had been set up by SM Entertainment. Look at the whole photo and look at the photo in the right side up of the photo.

SHINee is five. SHINee always has been five. SHINee always will be five. no matter what.

Shoulder length hair or a bit taller, chubby cheeks, shorter than him in which she will fit in his arms when he hugs her cm , smiles brightly, cheerful and appears to be cute. Long brown or black straight or wavy hair, soft features, pale skin, big eyes and small lips, she has to be shorter than him, gives lady like vibes, smiles softly and appears to be delicate. Dark soft silky hair, preferably shoulder length, soft features, big round eyes, double eyelids, pale skin, short to cm , a person who could take a banter and is cheerful and bright.

Short soft hair, defined facial features, big eyes and long lashes, curvy body, double eyelids, shorter than him but not too short cm is ideal , cheerful, bright and active, always moving.

A year and a half is a long time and several things have changed in my opinion. After this update I will write a small rant concerning some comments and messages I have received involving my Analysis posts. If you guys are reading this update, I’m assuming you understand my self incurred rules on my observations. Nothing I state is fact, merely opinion.

More on that after the analysis I shall be omitting Kris, Luhan, and Tao since there really is nothing new I’ve seen since my original post and there is nothing to add to them anyways. This post will also likely be shorter as some opinions have not changed and my reasons for my decisions are the same with the original posts, so read my reasons there. I’ll start with them. Suho As I’ve stated before, I don’t think Suho is anything but straight. He’s never given any actions or mannerisms that indicate otherwise.

Chanyeol I still feel that in the past Chanyeol has possibly experimented but I’m pretty sure he is now quite sure of his sexuality. Yixing To my shame, still, the little lamb turned little fox is straight. It has always been obvious and it will likely never be deterred.

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Dating this cutie pie would be like being a princess, all the time. He would literally take such good care of you, and make you feel so damn loved. You two would be the couple that everyone would want to be, because of your sweet nature towards each other. Dating this kid would be like dating a puppy dog.

He was sure that no one else was home, but apparently, he was wrong. Luckily, he was still dressed, unlike you, so he hurried up to open the door. Outside a confused looking Baekhyun was standing. The pleasure was taking over and you let out a small moan, not realizing it until the door was barged open by someone. Luhan looked up in shock to find Chanyeol standing in the doorway with wide eyes. Both boys were silent, Luhan looking at the intruder, Chanyeol looking at you and you looking between both boys.

Luhan looked back at you, still wide eyed, not able to say anything. When the award show that you had attended wit your boyfriend and his group was finished, you headed back home to the dorm. They boys wanted to watch a movie, but since you had other things planned you just told them that you were going to bed. After a minute of you giving your boyfriend head, the door suddenly opened and Kyungsoo walked into the room, only stopping in his tracks when he saw you.

Exo Sehun ideal type is Red Velvet Irene? #Hunrene Couple❤️